Jody Arnold
Jody ArnoldNext Generation Fellow
Not all Next Generation Fellows are attorneys! Jody Arnold has been an Arizona educator for many years. She has served as faculty, mentor and regional coordinator for many of the Foundation's civic education programs for over 25 years! Jody's passion has been for the Project Citizen program helping students understand public policy and how they can make change in their community.
Anthony Ching
Anthony ChingNext Generation Fellow
Anthony B. Ching, a true citizen of the world, has devoted his legal career to the ideals of justice and equality. Educated in France and England before attending St. John’s College in New York, Ching earned a bachelor of science degree in geology from the University of Arizona. Ching graduated from the University of Arizona College of Law in 1965 and received his L.L.M. from Harvard in 1971. Committed to using his legal education for the public good, he served as Director of Litigation for the Legal Aid Society of Pima County. Litigating on behalf of marginalized groups, Ching achieved landmark rulings such as Graham v. Richardson, a decision from the United States Supreme Court that confirmed constitutional protection for resident aliens under the Equal Protection Clause, and Perez v. Campbell, a decision invalidating a driver license suspension statute under federal bankruptcy law. After serving as a clinical fellow at Harvard, Ching joined the faculty at Loyola University of Los Angeles School of Law, where he taught constitutional law, among other subjects. He took a leave from teaching to work as Director of Litigation for Legal Services in Hawaii. Ching was recruited by then Attorney General Bruce Babbitt to return to Arizona to serve as Chief Counsel of the Economic Protection Division and was then appointed as Solicitor General for Arizona, were he oversaw major litigation and appellate matters involving the State of Arizona as a party. Among other highlights of his diverse and distinguished career, Ching served as President of the Board of the National Consumer Law Center, a consumer advocacy organization. He continues to maintain private practice in Arizona. (from University of Arizona Lifetime Achievement write up)
Mo Portley
Mo PortleyNext Generation Fellow
Judge Mo, as many know him, retired from the Court of Appeals in 2016. Early in his career he worked for the US Army Judge Advocate General's Corp. Judge Portley spent many years on the Juvenile Court Bench and was appointed to the Court of Appeals in 2003. Since retiring from the Court, Judge Portley has consulted with organizations like Casey Family Programs and continues to support a variety of agencies with his expertise.
Larry Hammond
Larry HammondNext Generation Fellow
Larry Hammond was one of the founding members of Osborn Maledon. A nationally renowned criminal defense attorney who was committed to assuring equal access to justice for all, he had a reputation for taking on tough, high-profile criminal cases and winning. Mr. Hammond founded the Arizona Justice Project, the fifth Innocence Project in the nation, for which he served as president for 22 years. Mr. Hammond passed away in 2020, but his legacy will live on in the many projects he has founded and people he has saved.
Dan Bagatell
Dan BagatellLifetime Fellow - Next Generation Fellow
Mr. Bagatell is not only a Next Generation Founding Fellow but also Foundation Lifetime Fellow.

Dan works at Perkins Coie's Washington D.C. office where he focuses on appeals in patent cases and other disputes involving complex technology. Dan was elected to be a Fellow of the American Academy of Appellate Lawyers in 2019.  He is also former board member of the Foundation, a long standing member of the Foundation’s finance committee and a strong supporter of our featured grantee, the Florence Project. 

    Click here for Mr. Bagatell's Professional Profile

Amelia Craig Cramer
Amelia Craig CramerNext Generation Fellow
Ms. Cramer was one of the Foundation's first Next Generation Fellows!

She currently serves as the Chief Deputy Pima County Attorney in Tucson, Arizona, an appointed position she has held since 2006. There she supervises more than 100 attorneys who prosecute criminal cases on behalf of the state and handle civil legal matters, including litigation, on behalf of the county government.


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